Chipmunk Physics engine running on the iPhone

A couple months ago I hacked together a demo of [Chipmunk Physics]( engine running on the iPhone using the unofficial SDK. It shows the standard Chipmunk demos, but also it reads in accelerometer data using the method described on the [Medallia blog](

For the most part it was a fairly simple translation from standard OpenGL to the OpenGL ES the iPhone uses. If anyone is interested in the source code, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it… *edit: source is posted. see below*

[iPhone Chipmunk Physics demo application]( – run from the command line (either using or over ssh), only tested on iPhone software 1.0.2.

*Update: [the source]( – this is just modified from the original Chipmunk Physics demo, so the original license applies. I can’t support this at all, so you’re on your own. I believe I used the hacked iPhone toolchain version 2 (or 3?), so you may have to edit the Makefile if you have a different version or installed it somewhere other than /usr/local/bin/.*