Tom Robinson

This is the homepage of Tom Robinson, software engineer slash open source hacker, resident of San Francisco, California.

Currently I work at 280 North, a Y Combinator startup founded by Francisco Tolmasky, Ross Boucher, and myself. As the creators of the Cappuccino web application framework (and Objective-J programming language), 280 North is heavily invested in supporting open source software.

280 North's latest product is the Atlas IDE and visual interface editor for Cappuccino. Previously we released 280 Slides, a presentation creation tool which raised the bar for web application user experience.

I am also involved in promoting the use of JavaScript and Objective-J outside of web browsers through the CommonJS standard library specification, the Narwhal JavaScript Platform (implementation of CommonJS for multiple JavaScript engines), the JSGI web server interface, and Jack, port of Ruby's Rack.

Previously I studied computer science and engineering at the University of Southern California, where I received a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and a M.S. in Computer Science.


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