Tom Robinson

Welcome to the homepage of Tom Robinson, software engineer, open source hacker, and entrepreneur.

Previously I founded 280 North, a Y Combinator startup, along with Francisco Tolmasky and Ross Boucher. We created the Cappuccino web application framework and Objective-J programming language.

We also created Atlas, the IDE and visual interface editor for Cappuccino, and 280 Slides, a presentation creation tool which raised the bar for web application user experience. In 2010 Motorola Mobility acquired 280 North.

I have also worked to promote JavaScript use outside of the browser, and to standardize JavaScript APIs such as CommonJS modules (used in Node.js and other platforms) and Promises/A+. Previously I created the Narwhal JavaScript Platform (an implementation of CommonJS for multiple JavaScript engines) and the JSGI web server interface.

Previously I studied computer science and engineering at the University of Southern California, where I received a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and a M.S. in Computer Science.


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